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KEBURIA’s new collection would be Bella Baxter’s favorite if she had been born in this century

Exploring the intersection between tailoring and glamour, KEBURIA’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection highlights the multifaceted nature of the modern woman.

KEBURIA’s new collection would be Bella Baxter’s favorite if she had been born in this century

Bella Baxter, played by Oscar winner for best actress Emma Stone, has an eccentric Victorian-inspired closet but with modern touches: the coat-condom, her Victorian boots, the exaggerated puffed sleeves… All the garments in her closet have motivated us to have fun when it comes to dressing and to take it less seriously. George Keburia, taking this philosophy and drawing inspiration from the garments of the 70s and 80s, and just like Bella Baxter, makes the Keburia woman leave a lasting impression wherever she steps.

The KEBURIA woman, the epitome of strength and elegance, moves with confidence in all aspects of life. From the boardroom to the dance floor, from the mountain heights to the most unsuspected corners, her presence leaves an indelible mark, radiating effortless charisma. With such a rich palette of materials and textures, from soft wools to vegan leathers, from luxurious velvet to faux fur, the collection fuses contrasts of shapes and materials to perfection creating a unique visual symphony. Geometric meets fluid, neutral colors with the strength of a red or pastel colors, structured suits and satin pieces meet signature 80s elements such as feathers, piping and oversized lapels.

The collection’s signature details, such as rounded cycling-inspired glasses, sweetheart necklines and unique buttons, are meticulously designed to enhance the sculptural shapes of each garment. The color palette is equally impressive, from classic black and camel to vibrant mustard, cobalt blue and red tartan, each shade brings its own story to the collection.

“At KEBURIA, we challenge the pre-established norms of women’s fashion,” states creative director, George Keburia. “With the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, we invite our followers to embrace self-expression through shape, design, pattern and color. The KEBURIA woman is not afraid to have fun and make a bold statement of her identity.” The collection takes us on a journey of sartorial exploration, where glamour meets tailoring, where each outfit tells a unique and powerful story and where true elegance lies in self-confidence and being authentic. It is a celebration of individuality, empowerment and unrestricted style.

For more on the Fall/Winter collections, click here. And to see all of George Keburia’s collections, click here.

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