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Klaus has created the soundtrack for the Zenith watchmaker

The initial track of this project was released on October 20 on Spotify, Apple Music and other playback platforms worldwide.

Klaus has created the soundtrack for the Zenith watchmaker

It is clear what a watch sounds like. Ticking, which is the rhythmic sound produced by its escapement, the heart of the mechanical watch that releases and regulates the energy that gives it life. But what does a watch factory sound like?

The Italian music creator Klaus has visited the manufacture of the watchmaker Zenith, owned by the luxury group LVMH, to “listen to it”. And it has inspired him so much that he has created a soundtrack for the brand, for which he serves as ambassador.

“Yesterday we went to La Locle [Zenith’s headquarters in Switzerland], where we started sampling all the sounds of this incredible world called watchmaking. We sampled everything: from the air in the archives to the breath of the masters who assemble everything by hand, to the mechanisms of the new Pilot chronograph. It was also an opportunity to make some videos, a new song and a new vlog,” he said a few months ago.

Klaus (who actually goes by the name Tudor Laurini) produces electronic music, works as a DJ and is a YouTube sensation, where he amasses nearly 1.5 million followers. Of course, he wears a Zenith on his wrist, a piece from the Pilot collection that the brand radically revamped earlier this year.

On his visit to Zenith, Klaus came up with many ideas on how to translate what he was seeing into music. “The soundtrack ‘Le Locle’ is the representation of my feelings when I arrived at the factory: a calm and peaceful space, beautifully distorted only by subtle industrial machines.”

Text by Ana Franco.

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