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Kylie Jenner accused of plagiarism with her Khy clothing line

Designer Betsy Johnson launches a series of accusations against Kylie Jenner, who seems to have copied concepts in her new clothing line.

Kylie Jenner accused of plagiarism with her Khy clothing line

Johnson says the celebrity received concepts and ideas for her PRODUCTS brand six months ago and is now using them in her next collection.

Controversy erupted when Kylie shared her vision for Khy, saying the brand represents “who I am at my core,” adding, “Creatively I have such a strong vision of what I want to look like and what I want to do and what I want to wear. No one tells me what to do.”

Betsy Johnson, a London-based multidisciplinary artist and director specializing in creative direction, photography, casting and styling, was not to be silenced and took to Instagram to hurl her accusations against her. She revealed that she had shared concepts and line sheets with Kylie’s team half a year ago. “We emailed Kylie and her entire team concepts and language from as well as a line sheet 6 MONTHS AGO. INTERESTING CONCEPT KYLIE… INTERESTING. INTERESTING. Thanks for the co-sign. Fuck your support.”

Johnson also expressed his frustration with the situation, citing his student debt and the effort he had put into his work. He said, “I busted my ass for this. Like so many other working class kids who work their asses off for the experience, they weren’t born to make their ideas a reality.” Betsy made clear her support for the people who work hard in the fashion industry and shared her perspective, “I know who my supporters are in and out of fashion. And I appreciate them…. If you want to mock business models fooled by celebrity laziness, go ahead. Working people don’t lose hope, we’re here for more than just a collection and a bag. Long term.”

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