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Kylie Jenner stars in Acne Studios FW23 denim campaign

Kylie shines alongside her “clone” in Acne Studios’ FW23 denim campaign captured by Carlijn Jacobs.

Kylie Jenner stars in Acne Studios FW23 denim campaign

The celebrity dives into a body painting exhibition wearing the luxury brand’s latest denim collection.

Jonny Johansson takes inspiration from the simplicity and beauty of everyday wear for this collection. The eye-catching campaign shows Kylie Jenner in an unconventional setting, where she wears the garments with great naturalness. The model pairs a new wide silhouette unisex jacket called “2023” with the mid-rise, wide-leg “2021” jeans, as well as the season’s accessories.

Carlijn Jacobs, the creative director behind the campaign, set out to capture Kylie’s confidence and self-love, leading to the depiction of the “two Kylies.” Jacobs notes that the campaign seeks to show Jenner as a woman who is in control, loves herself and is not afraid to express her desires. The doubling of her image reinforces the idea that she fully accepts herself.

“This campaign is one of my favorites. I loved working with Carlijn and I love the simplicity of the images, they have strength in their directness,” shared Kylie.

The Acne Studios FW23 collection is now available online and in stores worldwide.

On the other hand, Gucci FW23 is an update of the brand’s iconic looks.

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