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Kylie Jenner triggers ‘pink hair dye’ searches

Kylie Jenner causes searches for ‘pink hair dye’ to skyrocket 1,443% after a post on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner triggers ‘pink hair dye’ searches

A new analysis of Google data shows that the search for ‘pink hair dye’ spiked 1,443% worldwide just hours after Kylie Jenner posted different images on TikTok and Instagram showing off her new pink hair. According to Google Trends data and Fresha‘s analysis, the pink dye has increased search volume by more than 14 times.

The TikTok video surpassed 3.4 million likes and more than 12.7 million views in just 15 hours. Many fan comments suggest that Kylie has returned to her ‘King Kylie era’, which refers to a period between 2015 and 2017 when the entrepreneur was dyeing her hair different colours. Kylie is arguably one of the most influential women in beauty and fashion.

The star also posted 3 photos on Instagram titled ‘hiiiii remember me’ nodding to her younger self and uploading the same TikTok to her Instagram account with 1.2 million likes. The first post surpassed 7.4 million likes in just 16 hours. Following that, online searches for ‘Kylie Jenner’s pink hair’ have seen an increase of 1,086%.

We know where Kylie Jenner’s bag is from.

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