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Late Checkout launches character-based collection: The Valet

The new collection of Late Checkout, the brand of C. Tangana and Alex Turrión, is inspired by the character ‘The Valet’.

Late Checkout launches character-based collection: The Valet

Set in a conceptual and constantly changing Hotel, Late Checkout presents different collections in the form of characters – employees and guests – who bring with them different styles and attitudes.

Spanish brand Late Checkout presents its new collection ‘The Valet’ based on the different types of people who stay in a hotel. These characters tell quirky stories of glamour and decadence: casual encounters in hotel lobbies, a lazy bellhop who bends the rules, an esoteric rockstar who barely grasps reality…

And now The Valet. Every day he greets guests and takes their luxury cars for a spin. Every day he adds his own rebellious touch to his uniform. High-end tailoring pieces worn with a streetwise attitude, like the cool kid at school who refused to button his tie. But she’s older and nastier, and she’s here to change the way you dress.

The collection will be available this Wednesday 26/7 at 11:00 GMT+2 at and selected retailers worldwide.

Ibai Llanos x Late Checkout – The Evening of the Year III.

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