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Lauryn Hill defends herself from critics: “You’re lucky I’m going on stage”

The artist has launched a controversial speech in one of her recent concerts during the 25th anniversary tour of her solo album.

Lauryn Hill defends herself from critics: “You’re lucky I’m going on stage”

Amid growing criticism for her unpunctuality during the tour, the artist addressed the audience with a clear message: they should consider themselves lucky to have her appear on stage.

Complaints about Hill’s unpunctuality are not new, and many fans have expressed their frustration at waiting a long time before the artist finally takes the stage. However, at this concert in Los Angeles, Lauryn Hill defended her behavior with passion and determination.

“They say I’m late a lot of times. You guys are lucky I make it to the stage every night,” she expressed referring to the criticism she has received for her lack of punctuality.

Lauryn Hill also connected her commitment to music with her spiritual devotion. Referencing “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, she said, “I leave my soul on this stage. And I don’t do it because they let me. I do it because I’m here in the name of God. And I know that. God is the one who allows me to do it, who surrounded me with family and community when there was no support when the album was selling so many records and no one would show up and say, ‘Hey, would you like to do another one?”

Hill stood his ground and concluded his speech on a resilient note: “I went all over the world and played the same album over and over again. Because we’re the survivors, and we’re not just the survivors; we’re the thrivers.”

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