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LOEWE Perfumes adds new fragrances to Home Scents collection

A range designed by LOEWE’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, in collaboration with the house’s perfumer, Nuria Cruelles.

LOEWE Perfumes adds new fragrances to Home Scents collection

This season, two new fragrances join the LOEWE Home Scents collection of 12 olfactory portraits of plants inspired by the real smells of nature. Mushroom is a pure, earthy scent, and Hazelnut is a complex, rich fragrance. Both expand the collection with two new botanical inspirations.

LOEWE Home Scents Mushroom is inspired by the rich aroma of the edible Portobello mushroom, a fragrance characterised by earthy notes that evoke the unique olfactory profile of fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms are the visible manifestation of the complex and invisible underground network of mycelium belonging to the kingdom of fungi. With this concept and the multi-layered character of its olfactory composition, LOEWE Home Scents Mushroom celebrates the rich diversity of nature. It is designed to create a calm, earthy and inspiring ambiance in any space.

Mushroom is available in all LOEWE Home Scents carriers, including Scented Candles in three sizes, Scented Wax Candle Holders and Spray and Stick Air Fresheners, defined by the pearl grey-green colour.

LOEWE Home Scents Roasted Hazelnut is inspired by the unique essence of roasted hazelnuts: an evocative fragrance with woody notes and rich, nutty hints that recall the complex, rich taste characteristic of many desserts and sweets originating in Europe. Its deep, spicy and smoky aspects reveal delicate sweet notes of brown sugar over time. With its nostalgic culinary connotations and gourmand olfactory profile, the new fragrance is designed to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Hazelnut is available in all LOEWE Home Scents holders – scented candles in three sizes, scented wax candle holders, and spray and stick air fresheners with a distinctive black hue.

Mushroom and Roasted Hazelnut will be available in selected shops

Vulcan joins the LOEWE Solo family and Drop joins the LOEWE Agua family, both featuring the new LOEWE Chord based on Labdanum.

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