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Luis De Javier SS24: ‘La Ruta del Bacalao’

Under the tutelage of Riccardo Tisci, Luis de Javier presents his new collection ‘La Ruta del Bacalao’ in Los Angeles.

Luis De Javier SS24: ‘La Ruta del Bacalao’

In the fashion world, evolution is essential to stay relevant and captivate an increasingly demanding audience. In this sense, Luis De Javier’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection promises to be a significant milestone in the brand’s trajectory. With the guidance of Riccardo Tisci, the Spanish designer is on the threshold of a new era, focused on bold and accessible ready-to-wear garments, with genderless silhouettes that project a message towards the future of fashion.

Inspired by the effervescent hardcore rave movement of the 1990s in Spain, known as ‘La Ruta del Bacalao’, which was abruptly interrupted by an oppressive government, De Javier seeks to imagine a utopia where this subculture still flourishes today.

The designer stresses that fashion is not only an expression of style, but also a means to reflect and explore socio-political issues. With this collection, he aims to open a dialogue on relevant issues such as the rise of a far-right nationalist political party that impacts both Spain and the world today. The garments become vehicles for reflection and questioning, in a collection that is not only limited to highlighting diversity, but also to empowering and challenging established norms.

Latex, leather, corsets, workwear… the pieces reflect the diverse and ever-changing nature of today’s world. The accessories, which include flat shoes with teeth, shoe covers, rubber spikes, necklaces and earrings, are a collaboration with Aslan World and bring an extra touch of provocation.

A strategic alliance with social commerce platform emcee underscores Luis De Javier’s innovative approach to distribution and access to his designs. “I’m excited to work with emcee, as their innovative retail platform is leading the way for designers and creators to collaborate and connect,” says the designer. The partnership not only demonstrates a deep understanding of the power of digital in the fashion industry, but also a commitment to collaboration and connection between designers and consumers.

In short, Luis De Javier’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is much more than a showcase of garments. It is a manifestation of boldness, a challenge to norms and an invitation to reflection. This set of designs not only promises to captivate the fashion world, but also to provoke a meaningful dialogue on the issues that shape our society. Luis De Javier has once again demonstrated his ability to not only create fashion, but also to tell stories and leave a lasting mark on the fabric of the industry.

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