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Marco Rambaldi FW23: an ode to nightwear

Entitled “Supernova”, Marco Rambaldi FW23 celebrates the revelatory ritual of going out dancing in the dark of night.

Marco Rambaldi (@marcorambaldi_) knows that people unleash their true selves in the darkness of the night. Thus, he brings us that revealing spirit in this FW23 collection that celebrates the hedonism of the night.

The starting point for the inspiration of the collection is the mythical Italian club Cocoricó. The pyramid-shaped room of the nightclub witnessed how its attendees managed to reach the sky through dance. The Cocoricò pyramid is the connection between earth and sky, a portal to the cosmos, stars and nebulae that become one of the central iconographic elements of the collection.

Hence its title ‘Supernova’, astral explosion, death of a star but at the same time source of life. The black of the fabrics is the sky on which Swarovski crystals and embroidery applications are spread, as in a starry night.

The symbol of the snake represents the will to evolve, to change skin and regenerate itself with its own strength. In the collection it is presented as a figurative symbol, but it also embodies the values of Marco Rambaldi: reuse and upcycling of vintage tablecloths and doilies assembled in some cases with leather and in others with denim. And it is also resorted to in the heart motif, representing the most romantic and passionate side of the brand.

Only during the night do people truly remember their essence and allow themselves what they have not been able to experience during the day. That’s why Marco Rambaldi dresses us for the night, to ritualize this moment. The designer invites us to the eternal battle with darkness, and a natural instinct to go out and dance.

In the night of Marco Rambaldi FW23, between the ball gown and the alchemical mystery of the stars, there is also room for a dark and fetishist aesthetic, which translates into the introduction of leather and a series of silhouettes that enhance body shapes without hiding them.

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