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Massimo Giorgetti recalls the days at the seaside in his new collection

MSGM’s creative director pays homage to summer and his memories of the beach with a collection that celebrates the brand’s 15th anniversary.

Massimo Giorgetti recalls the days at the seaside in his new collection

The MSGM fashion show, entitled “The Sea and I”, transported us to a world of Mediterranean horizons and summer memories. Massimo Giorgetti puts himself in direct conversation with the sea, through a palette of colors and prints that evoke the pleasure and nostalgia of the days by the sea.

From the first looks, MSGM plays with stripes, some of them marine, that evoke the lines of the horizon, connecting real and imagined archipelagos when our sight – also Giorgetti’s – is directed towards the sea. His Ligurian house, “La Vedetta”, becomes a special observation point, “where my ideas about the future are born, points and memories unite in fabric tales. The rocks, Mediterranean pines, agaves, the scent of salt and resin.”.

The colors, from turquoise, yellow to coral, contrast with the sobriety of black, navy blue – very appropriate for the occasion – and the classic cream, enveloping us in an eternal summer. Dolphins, crabs and mermaids appear as games in the sand, stencils or carefree paintings from our childhood. Sailor clichés are reimagined with knots transforming into dresses and the sun forming itself in macramé into new silhouettes. Origami hats, fragile reminiscences, materialize in jacquard and prints in contrasts of blue and red, pink and bright green.

The Grand Hotel Riviera, with glazed ceramics, geometric mosaics and wallpapers in the purest retro style, serves as inspiration for the garments with vinyl effects and geometric shapes, which merge in the collection with daisy prints, creating a certain psychedelia, reinforced by the loud techno music and the hits of color on the crystals; first blue, then green, which gives way to yellow, to finish with pink and red.

It’s not about a specific vacation spot: “It’s not Rimini, it’s not Zoagli, nor Liguria, nor the Tyrrhenian Sea, nor the Adriatic, but the relationship with the sea: “the sea and I.”” That’s why, whoever is looking at Giorgetti’s new collection, will see his beach days materialized in garments that, besides being a clear tribute to sailor clichés and afternoons at the beach, also recall an exploration of new horizons and perspectives of life. A collection that, without a doubt, invites you to dream and to navigate among summer memories.

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