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Matthieu Blazy pays homage to Kate Moss in his new fanzine

Bottega Veneta’s creative director pays tribute to Kate Moss in a new trio of fanzines.

Who hasn’t spent part of their teen years collecting images or highlights of their favourite icons? Tell that to Matthieu Blazy. Bottega Veneta’s creative director wanted to pay tribute to his muse, Kate Moss, in the brand’s new trio of fanzines for Summer 23.

For the most stragglers, a fanzine is a publishing project in magazine format that comes from the English term. Their particularity lies in their small print production, which makes them (almost) impossible to find. They are real objects of desire for collectors.

A visual stroll through Matthieu Blazy’s most intimate side

Blazy, as an unconditional fan of the supermodel, wanted to commemorate his adoration for Moss in some way. The designer has launched three fanzines: two focusing on Gaetano Pesce’s creations for Bottega and the Summer 23 collection, and a third that is entirely dedicated to the model. The latter takes a look at Kate’s most personal archive through scanned magazine covers, iconic ads, paparazzi photos, and even a sketch by Matthieu himself that recreates the cover of British Vogue. A DIY album that could perfectly be a homemade work.

«Kate Moss was my first Google search. She’s the first photo to be printed on the family printer. Whenever I hear a modem, I think of Kate, because I mainly looked for her pictures as a teenager. It’s a sound I will forever relate to her. She became a personal icon. It was, for me, a very serious teenage activity that became an everyday term at home. If I was doing my ‘Kate Moss,’ it meant I was in the middle of collecting pictures. This hobby became a sort of education. This fanzine is a tribute to Kate and the pages of a binder that defined my coming of age. She was my first», Blazy confesses.

A full-blown love statement that can now be part of your coffee-table book collection. All you have to do is run to your nearest Bottega Veneta boutique to get it for free. We’ve already got ours and we can assure you that it looks like it will be the fanzine of the year (first warning).

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