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Meta explains the influence of its AI on Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm

Meta seeks to provide users with a clear understanding of how their AI influences Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm.

Meta explains the influence of its AI on Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm

Through Meta’s Transparency Center, the company has shared information on how its AI systems classify content across platforms.

According to Meta, in the case of Facebook Feeds, the AI collects all posts from friends and pages followed by the user. It then feeds in signals indicating who created the post and who has interacted with it, including the user’s friends and the number of “Likes” it has received. Based on the AI ranking, the relevance and value of the post in the feed is determined. Personalization tools also allow users to adjust what they can see on the platforms.

In addition, Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, mentioned some tools the company is testing to provide greater control and personalization of the experience. These tools include Feed Preferences and Suggested Content Control Center, which are located in centralized menus on Facebook and Instagram. New features are also being tested, such as the ability to indicate interest in recommended Reels on Instagram and a “show more” and “show less” option on content.

Meta’s transparency about its algorithm and personalization tools comes as the European Union prepares to implement the Digital Marketing Act in 2024. With these measures, Meta seeks to offer users more control over their experience on platforms and ensure greater transparency in the content classification process.

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