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Metapunk: this is the new album by Dafresito

Dafresito, from the musical underworld, has emerged once again, this time with an album that promises to be an unprecedented sonic experience.

Metapunk: this is the new album by Dafresito

With a style that defies the rules and mixes genres such as alternative rock, trap, pop punk, new metal and electronic touches. Dafresito presents his latest work, appropriately titled: “Metapunk”.

The album fuses nineties influences with a bold futuristic vision, offering a unique experience that transcends time and space. “Metapunk” defies expectations with songs like “En la frecuencia del mal”, which combines guitars and synthesizers that transport you to a dystopian future. Dafresito’s distinctive voice becomes a guide through shifting and exciting soundscapes.

One of the highlights of “Metapunk” is “Futurama” a song on which “Goa” collaborates and which captures the very essence of the album: the fusion of old and new. Introspective lyrics are intertwined with a production that evokes a sense of distorted reality.

As we progress through the album, each track is a surprise, a reminder that music can be a limitless form of expression. From the vibes of “Addicted to Pain” to the frenetic pace of “Lonely Fans” where Locoalien, the album’s main producer, and StonedEthan with his trademark punk sounding vocals also stand out, each song brings a new dimension to the aural journey of “Metapunk”.

“Dafresito” not only experiments with sound, but also tackles deep and personal themes on the album. Songs like “Spiral” an acoustic track that calls for unravelling in a world that is impossible to understand.

This album is a testament to his ability to fuse genres, challenge conventions and take us on a musical journey that transcends time and space. An invitation to explore a sonic territory where vintage and futuristic meet. “Metapunk” will take you to places you never imagined music could go.

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