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Moncler challenges the limits of creativity with The Art of Genius by adidas Originals

Through The Art of Genius, an immersive live event, Moncler has unleashed a new vision of Moncler Genius.

Through The Art of Genius, an immersive live event, Moncler unleashed a new vision of Moncler Genius. Transforming its collaboration model into a platform for co-creation, the brand challenged the boundaries of what is possible at the intersection of art, design, entertainment, music, sport and culture.

Last night, a community of 10,000 guests gathered at London‘s Olympia to embrace this experience, which included the participation of great artists such as Hailey Bieber, Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung, Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow, ASAP Nast, FKA Twigs, Maria Sharapova or Charli XCX, among other prominent names.

“When we launched Moncler Genius in 2018 our ambition was to create and share new energy with ever new communities, while going beyond the conventions of the fashion industry and collaborating with extraordinary talents to create something totally new and unexpected,” says Remo Ruffini.

The Art of Genius, the platform for co-creation in different creative spheres, has seen diverse artistic universes collide under one roof as 2023’s cast of creators took over the space, bringing together their unique interpretations. From an invitation to create sounds with one of the world’s most visionary record producers to an extraordinary and unforgettable live musical performance or an immersive journey through digital mountains.

Moncler‘s legacy was reinterpreted beyond fashion through a futuristic journey into modes of transport and a psychedelic vision of glamping in nature. Guests were also able to explore new show formats such as the robot peepshow or the foam and sound installation.

The Art of Exploration by adidas Originals

A moving walkway crossing a vertical LED glacier with bursts of freezing fog, sound effects and scaffolding showcasing the jointly created collection was waiting for visitors, who had the opportunity to cross it. The dynamically illuminated scaffolding, elevated with models dressed in the collection, denoted a metaphor for the theme “From the city to the summit”.

“The Art of Exploration is fundamentally about fearlessly stepping into the unknown. Our collection approaches contemporary frontiers – from city streets to mountaintops – in a new context. The immersive event is an extension of this vision: playing with the senses to confront guests with an inspiring and out-of-the-ordinary experience,” says Stefano Pierre Bruschi, Senior Design Director at adidas Originals.

The Moncler x adidas Originals collection revolves around the notion of exploration. A journey where the past becomes the future and mountain peaks are transposed to city streets in a mix of bright colours reminiscent of traffic lights: bright yellow, green, orange, red and other bright and muted tones.

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