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More innovation, new stories and a different purpose for the next generation of Dr. Martens

A new generation of stories, articles for the future, an updated visual identity and initiatives with a new purpose.

More innovation, new stories and a different purpose for the next generation of Dr. Martens

The iconic British brand forges a bold future of resilience and radical self-expression through two new silhouettes.

A new generation of stories, future-ready items, an updated visual identity and purposeful initiatives come to life with the launch of Dr. Martens Made Strong and 14XX.


If there is one thing that has characterised Dr. Martens boots since their inception in 1960, it has been their strength and endurance. Paying homage to this reality, a new future is set with Made Strong, where durability and strength are assured with every step. Made for work, dance and play, DM footwear has been adopted and embraced by all generations, becoming a subcultural heritage built by workers, musicians and activists throughout history, establishing a legacy that has kept the spirit of community alive.

Made Strong continues to redefine the meaning of strength in today’s changing world. A fluid, creative and inclusive reality that is marked by open communities and relentless optimism where power lies in vulnerability. Rebellion in radical self-expression.

The new proposal celebrates the resilience at the heart of the brand, infused in the designs and carried by each of the people who wear them. It offers a snapshot of 14 stories that show the meaning of strength and demonstrate the impact that new generations are having on the world around them, shaping it in a completely different way.

London, New York and Tokyo are the main capitals that will celebrate this collective strength of the Dr. Martens community, giving visibility to the creative potential of a generation whose self-expression is not limited to stereotypes and conventions.


El futuro de la marca también llega de la mano de un nuevo concepto de diseño: 14XX. Una nueva frontera que establece y redibuja las líneas de la innovación, donde surgen nuevos diseños progresivos, experimentales y alternativos.

The future of the brand also comes with a new design concept: 14XX. A new frontier that establishes and redraws the lines of innovation, where new progressive, experimental and alternative designs emerge.

It is a new platform for expression and translates into the reinterpretation of new classic silhouettes that have been elevated, altered and updated. The message is concise: never fear failure and break with preconceived ideas and expectations. This is why 14XX adopts DM‘s rebellious spirit to create a new language.

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