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Nadia Lee Cohen launches a new version of her book ‘Women’

Renowned fashion photographer Nadia Lee Cohen has launched a new edition of her best-selling book ‘Women’.

Nadia Lee Cohen launches a new version of her book ‘Women’

The new version of the fashion photographer’s most iconic book is titled ‘WOMEN, Pirate Edition’ 女性. As Nadie Lee Cohen herself has rightly said on her Instagram account: “This is the bootleg of my own book and all the important and unimportant details that went into making it”.

The book acts as a behind-the-scenes look at one of the greatest creative minds of our generation, featuring clips from his films, sculptures and some of his most important projects. The book will launch with IDEA Books in Tokyo on 5 April at @doverstreetmarketginza and will be available outside Japan a week later.

The book is wrapped in an OBI band designed by Verdy, the artistic mind behind Tokyo-based brand Girl’s Don’t Cry, along with some of the merchandise from BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” tour. The book is designed by Charlie Denis. The release will have an initial limited print run of 750 copies.

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