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Natalia Lacunza is clear about it… “Tiene que ser para mí”

“It has to be for me” by Natalia Lacunza is the closure of a stage that has lasted three years and that you have to hear.

Natalia Lacunza’s first album is the closure of a stage that has lasted three years and reflects that will to live honestly and give your being and your effort the value they deserve, to let yourself shine for what you are and to live your life in the first person, without being held back by fear and without giving love to those who don’t deserve it. This album talks about the process, about everything you have to go through to get to the point where you think and believe: “It has to be for me, everything I gave”.

Natalia Lacunza opens the doors to her new album in her own words:

“Three years of seeing, hearing and keeping quiet, of filtering information and keeping what helped me, of making mistakes and having many doubts, of feeling very lucky but very lost and very nervous.

When I started making the album I didn’t know what songs I was going to write, what concept I was going to give it, what things I would talk about and what things I wouldn’t talk about… now, with the album finished, I realise that there is no other way for me to conceive a project than slowly, step by step. Like life, a project needs time to take shape, little by little it builds up; both sonically, conceptually and narratively.

The songs have ended up building a story that tells the different processes that have led me to want to give this message; “Tiene que ser para mí”.

After a long time doubting myself, questioning my value and my talent, I think I’ve learned that the value is in the honesty of things, and therefore I know that this project is valuable because it has many parts of me in it, in every sense. I have listened; I have seen and I have been silent, and I feel that I am ready to say a lot of things out loud.

It’s an album about my process, which I think is not only mine, but that of many people I know. It has helped me to understand myself better, to analyse my emotions and process them, and I hope it helps someone else too, because that’s the most beautiful thing about music…”. 

Natalia Lacunza. 

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