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Nathy Peluso releases her long-awaited second album ‘GRASA’

Singer, songwriter, performer and rapper Nathy Peluso presents her second and long-awaited album ‘GRASA’.

Nathy Peluso releases her long-awaited second album ‘GRASA’

The wait has been almost three years since the artist released Calambre, but it has been worth it: the new album features 16 songs with a narrative all of their own. The release of Grasa has been accompanied by a thematic video for each song, making it the artist’s most theatrical project to date.

In terms of her style, Nathy Peluso does not lose her Latin rap identity, but in this new studio album she has been inspired by the sounds of 2000s artists such as Kanye West. In her lyrics, the Argentinian continues with her power and authority, referring to her detractors and the obstacles she has to overcome every day.

On the album you can find such outstanding collaborations as with Duki on Manhattan and with a skit by C. Tangana on No les creo nada. The Argentinian also sings with other artists as diverse as Blood Orange on El día que perdí mi juventud, on Menina with Lua de Santana and with Paco Amoroso & Ca7riel on Todo roto.

GRASA reveals a more mature and courageous Nathy, seamlessly navigating rap, ballads and tropical genres. For the first time, she shows her more intimate and personal side, unafraid to speak openly about pain, personal growth and the creative crises that accompany fame, success and the pressures of stardom.

In Spanish, GRASA evokes many meanings, especially in her native Argentina, where the word can mean ‘tacky’, ‘insipid’ or ‘vulgar’. But Nathy, like her music, doesn’t want to limit herself to one definition: it could be how she flaunts her body that doesn’t fit heteronormative expectations, or it could evoke the richness of her musical arrangements, or even her enthusiastic attitude.

Nathy co-produced and co-wrote all 15 tracks on the album. Most of the tracks are the result of a close collaboration with Venezuelan musician and producer Manuel Lara (Kali Uchis, Bad Bunny). GRASA is visually and stylistically inspired by the cinematic grandeur of mafia history, 70’s New York salsa, current icons like Kendrick Lamar, but is based on a contemporary sound.

Nathy Peluso and Desigual have co-created a series of garments and accessories that have finally seen the light of day.

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