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Nicki Minaj creates her own record label

During her Queen Radio show, Nicki Minaj announced that she will be launching her own record label, and promises to reveal its name on the upcoming show coming soon.

On March 3, during the last episode of her Queen Radio show on AMP, Nicki Minaj broke the news that she will be launching her own record label as an offshoot of Republic Records. We still don’t know the name, but the rapper promises to reveal it in the next show that would arrive “soon”.

Nicki explained that she wants to do for other artists what Lil’ Wayne did for her early in her career, and some of the names already on her label’s roster include Tate Kobang, London Hill, Rico Danna and Nana Fofie. “When I support an artist, you know what I do for people who are not even signed to me. Imagine what I will do for those who have signed with me,” Minaj said, and clarifies that the label will include genres other than rap.

“And because I believe strongly in loyalty and because I spent my whole life giving to others who turned around and sh*t on me, Paddy Dukes is the first A&R on my label,” Minaj told listeners of her show.

“I understand why people come out and they’re so microwavable and they’re here today and gone tomorrow, because there’s no structure,” Minaj commented on the industry. “There’s no real person who believes in them (…). That’s why I never wanted to do a label before because I told myself … unless I’m ready to really put these artists on I’m not going to ruin anybody’s life.”

And talking about music, Duki consolidates her international career with two sold out shows in Madrid.

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