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Nicki Minaj releases new single on TikTok: “Last Time I Saw You”

The rapper is officially back on the music scene: her long-awaited single has been released exclusively through TikTok.

Nicki Minaj releases new single on TikTok: “Last Time I Saw You”

The artist informed her fans via X that although the full version of the song is only available on TikTok at the moment, they can save it to enjoy when it is officially released. 

The song was previously unveiled in an Instagram live earlier this month, generating a buzz among her fans for her upcoming release. Upon revealing the song, the rapper commented on X: “I’m glad you guys like the lyrics. The ironic thing is that my favorite part of the whole song is the end…like the last 30 seconds. I can’t wait for you guys to hear the whole thing.”

Nicki has been keeping her fans in the loop with constant updates on the sequel to her “Pink Friday” album, and now it looks like she’s ready to introduce it to the world. The album’s release date is set for November, and will mark her first studio work since the release of “Queen” in 2018.

Listen to her new track now:

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