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Kobosil is back with its club kids in 44 Label Group’s new collection

The 44 Label Group FW23 collection, whose launch was celebrated with a rave in the heart of Paris, represents the postmodern disenchantment of club culture.

In a world where the catwalk is no longer enough, 44 Label Group presented its collection not with a fashion show but with a musical delirium. The rave to which the Kobosil brand would take us was only a preamble to what awaited us in this new collection. Amelie Lens, Somewhen and Kobosil himself were in charge of transporting us to a dystopia of future universes in the heart of Paris.

44 Label Group’s connection to the Berlin music scene is undeniable. For yet another season, it flaunts this unbreakable union between fashion and music through its visual and stylistic language. Through coarse fabrics, utilitarian clothing and a spirit of postmodern disenchantment, the brand reflects the spirit of club culture.

The club kids’ closet is filled with pure black pieces, distressed denim, textured rubber and rugged nylon. And it even brings the must-have accessory for the rave DJ. In collaboration with iconic DJ luggage brand UDG, he’s created a headphone case with strap and a fanny pack.

The casting of the campaign also has everything to make this second installment of the brand a commercial success. With faces such as Vittoria Ceretti, Mona Tougaard and UFO, the campaign perfectly represents the new generation of club-ready kids. The models and artists, friends of Kobosil, also attended the delirious event we witnessed at Paris Fashion Week.

Kobosil’s brand is nothing less than a celebration of Berlin’s club culture. A functional collection, aimed at the luxury streetwear lover, reveals a world of hopeful irony where clubbing is the only viable outlet.

If you want to see how 44 Label Group’s debut was last year in Milan, you can do it here.

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