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One Block Down x Pleasures: ‘A Sinful Feast’

One Block Down and Pleasures launch an exclusive set of porcelain plates celebrating the art of counterculture.

One Block Down has partnered with Pleasures to release an exclusive set of porcelain dinner plates, representing both brand’s appreciation for the vision, style and graphic design of counterculture art products. 

The history of porcelain in Italy is long and rich. Starting from the Italian Renaissance, there was a great demand for Chinese porcelain. Italian merchants went to China looking for Chinese products, and porcelain items symbolized wealth and social status. Porcelain was costly at this time; it represented luxury because it was hard to find and produce before Italian artisans understood how to make it, so only wealthy people could afford it.

One Block Down and Pleasures are subverting this value by presenting a classic, iconic and rich product, but completed with peculiar graphics that work in juxtaposition compared to the actual plain plate. The graphics on the plates represent the seven deadly sins, interpreted through their symbolic animals. A symbolism that started during the Middle Ages, thanks to the work of writers in Europe. This symbolism can also be found in ‘The Divine Comedy’ by Dante Alighieri and in thousands of frescoes in churches all over Italy. The symbolic animals have been reinterpreted through a contemporary lens. They feature an ironic and witty aesthetic, a characteristic of the graphic work of both Pleasures and One Block Down.

The collaboration has been presented in Paris during Fashion Week through a peculiar ‘Sinful Feast’ with the global community of the two brands in attendance. It will be launched exclusively on the website of One Block Down and Pleasures.

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