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Palace provokes Supreme

The witty descriptions accompanying Palace products often win over fans of the brand, but never before have they created such a stir.

Palace provokes Supreme

The London brand has just presented its proposal for spring 2024 and has not wasted the opportunity to create controversy and go viral.

The witty descriptions that accompany Palace‘s products usually win over the brand’s fans, but never before have they created such a stir. This season they have decided to go all out and provoke their direct competition in the least subtle way possible. Neither Vans nor North Face have been spared, and they have also been given a good telling off in the commentary on the Jogger Palatial Blue, an article that already promises to be iconic just for recalling this moment that will go down in the history of Internet culture.

“Basically a Jogger Palatial Blue. If you think Supreme is realer than Palace you either stupid or work for Vans (or North Face)”. BOOM. Just saying…

We are not sure if Supreme or any of the other brands will enter the beef, but what is known is that the New York label is not going through its best moment, as on 13 December it suffered a cyber-attack labelled as “unauthorised incidents”, which caused a material impact on its operations and the shutdown of some systems.

In the meantime, Palace is getting ready to launch its first drop of the season this Friday, February 2nd, both in its physical shops and on its official website. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite piece.

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