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PinkPantheress announces the release of her long-awaited album: ‘Heaven Knows’

It’s called ‘Heaven Knows’ and, best of all, PinkPatheress’ debut album will be released on 10 November.

PinkPantheress announces the release of her long-awaited album: ‘Heaven Knows’

Following the release of her critically acclaimed mixtape ‘To Hell With It’ in 2021, the Brit’s debut album is her second major musical project.

Recognised by much of the electronic community as “the exporter of 90s rave sounds to the UK”, PinkPantheress is certainly one to watch with every new step she takes. This time, she announces the arrival of her 13-track debut album Heaven Knows on 10 November.

“What a crazy intense moment, my first album is coming out and you know I love a pun so it’s called Heaven Knows,” she said on Instagram. “This album is an accumulation of music I’ve made over the last couple of years, with some much loved songs that might sound familiar.”

Produced and written by PinkPantheress, the album features distinct collaborations from Greg Kurstin, Mura Masa, Danny L Harle, Count Baldor, Phil, Cash Cobain and more. The album will include “romantic, parasocial and materialistic pursuits, pain and the search for satisfaction within loneliness”.

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