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Piquin Red: the colour that will dominate in 2024

Trendo, the consumer trends agency focused on the Mexican market, reveals which colour will dominate in 2024.

Piquin Red: the colour that will dominate in 2024

Are you ready to know the colour of the year 2024? Maybe August is not the ideal month to predict trends, but Trendo has already revealed the colour that, according to their studies, will dominate next year.

This is PIQUIN, a shade of pale red with mineral undertones. Sober subdued, characterised by its distinctive focus on orange, with a unique and timeless warmth, thus differentiating it from other similar shades. The piquín chilli is known as a spicy powder, although it is actually a type of chili pepper that, when crushed, becomes the powder that is applied to corn, fruits and everything.

According to Gustavo Prado of Trendo, “both designers and trend aficionados know that, in the last months of each year, the big names in the design world announce the colour of the year”. Now, Piquín is not just a colour set to celebrate the country, but brings a context behind it that speaks to the cultural richness of Mexico and the region.

Diesel or Bottega Veneta launched a collection of bags in shades of red, some more orange, i.e. Piquín. Other brands such as Alexander McQueen, Saul Nash, Botter, Valentino, Gucci, Vetements, Lanvin or Marine Serre, used the colour of the year in collections that will be trendy next year. Armani, Heaven, Coperni or Ottolinger applied it in accessories and footwear.

What is the meaning of the colour red piquín?

This colour has a highly symbolic meaning, the colour red is commonly associated with transformation. It is the tone that passes into fire and transforms matter. The word Phoenix has its origin in this same colour, its root is in the Greek word for the colour ‘reddish’ and is a symbol of the mythological bird of rebirth, evoking concepts of resilience and new beginnings.

According to Gustavo Prado, “2024 is the year of rebirth – which is the word of the year – marking a turning point to give rise to a new narrative. 2024 also represents the beginning of a new era in which traditional paradigms that have guided our thinking and actions for decades are being questioned and re-evaluated.

“This translates into immediate impacts on our daily lives, including our personal appearance and the way we express ourselves to others. As a result, there is a growing sensitivity and concern for aesthetics and individual identity. Resetting, a new metamodern era, new musical rhythms… all are indicators that herald this red”.

The next Diesel fashion show will be open to the public.

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