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Possible romance between Bad Bunny and Bruna Marquezine

The singer and the actress were spotted walking through the streets of Los Angeles, in the United States, in a very romantic atmosphere.

Possible romance between Bad Bunny and Bruna Marquezine

Bad Bunny and Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine were spotted together in Los Angeles,” claimed podcast Deuxmoi.This all comes during the Puerto Rican’s 30th birthday celebration and obviously speculation about a new romance is knocking at the door. Recall Bad Bunny has been single since December 2023 after ending his love affair with Kendall Jenner, while Bruna hasn’t been in an official relationship since breaking up with Neymar in 2018.

During his performance at the Barclays Center, Bad Bunny sang his iconic lyrics to “Perro Negro”“You got’ face that got’ the pussy cute.” At the same time, cameras zoomed in on Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who he is suspected to be dating after taking a stroll together in Los Angeles. Before the performance, Bad Bunny took to Twitter with a selfie in the mirror. What’s all the fuss about a selfie in the mirror? The gender-defying artist donned a corset with the caption “I can’t breathe”.

Are Bad Bunny and ex-girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri back together?

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