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Rambaldi’s bad woman shakes off prejudices

Marco Rambaldi’s woman (and man) is a bad girl (Malafemmina in Italian) who moves freely between satin sheets and the desire to conquer the world.

Rambaldi’s bad woman shakes off prejudices

For this Spring/Summer 2024 with the Malafemmina collection, Marco Rambaldi makes positive a derogatory term in the world we live in, which fears the bold and free woman and pigeonholes her as a “bad woman”. For the designer, such women deserve to be who they want to be and do everything possible to achieve their goals, without any pretext or having to explain themselves or question themselves.

Marco Rambaldi’s wife is a bad woman (Malafemmina in Italian), but only for the mere fact of moving freely and taking charge of her life. Between crocheted hearts and the desire to conquer the world, the Malafemmina is willing to do anything for freedom and a better life, she is not afraid to be a creature beyond gender. She is a man and a woman at the same time. She can be.

Sunlight filters through the crochet creating a romantic shadow on recycled nylon tulle. The bangs hanging over it become a decorative and structural element of the garments. One of the most characteristic prints of the collection is formed by pendants that combine elements of the Christian religion such as crucifixes mixed with symbols of love, the profane and emotional sphere of the human being.

Swarovski crystals are the protagonists, adorning the dresses in a dazzling display of pink and crystal. Crystal embellishments throughout the garment add bold sparkle, ensuring that each piece embodies an unabashed celebration of individuality.

Zalando has decided to support Marco Rambaldi with the Malafemmina collection. Lena Sophie Röper, Director of Design & Luxury at Zalando, states: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Marco Rambaldi for their show at Milan Fashion Week. The brand’s innovative and cutting-edge vision aligns perfectly with Zalando’s commitment to celebrating diversity and individuality in fashion. With this collaboration, we believe that empowering emerging designers to pursue their vision can help set new standards of creativity and inclusivity in the industry”.

Rambaldi’s SS24 collection is a triumph of liberation, inviting wearers to shed social constraints and embrace their true, multifaceted selves. Because from Malafemmina, “never again will anyone burn at the stake of exclusion, never again will anyone have to apologize for participating in the union”.

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