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Rapper Lil Tay denies rumors about her death

The 14-year-old viral rapper’s Instagram account was hacked, causing false news of her death to spread.

Rapper Lil Tay denies rumors about her death

Lil Tay and her brother are fortunately still alive.

She explained: “My Instagram account was compromised by a third party and used to spread misinformation and rumors about me, to the point that even my name was wrong. My legal name is Tay Tian, not ‘Claire Hope’.”

Although she has managed to get her account back, the emotional damage is irreparable. “I want to make it clear that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I am completely heartbroken and struggling to even find the right words to describe it. It has been a very traumatizing 24 hours. All day yesterday, I was bombarded with endless heartbreaking and tearful calls from my loved ones as I tried to sort out this mess,” she shared.

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