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Ron Bacardí and Kaotiko design the ultimate sneakers to dance till dawn with

From the hand of Irene Dévora and in collaboration with Kaotiko comes a fun and unique design inspired by Bacardi’s most iconic cocktail.

Ron Bacardí and Kaotiko design the ultimate sneakers to dance till dawn with

An exclusive limited edition collection that fuses the most influential codes of streetwear with a passion for dance.

From the hand of Irene Dévora, a graphic artist specialising in customising trainers, comes a fun and unique design inspired by Bacardi‘s most iconic cocktail: the Mojito. It is a reinterpretation of the Kaotiko Basquet White silhouette that captures the rum brand’s tropical spirit through colourful floral-inspired graphics.

The aim of this collaboration is very clear: to let yourself be carried away by that energy that invades you when you listen to your favourite music and dance insatiably while you enjoy a good mix of Bacardi rum and your feet follow the rhythm with the new BACARDÍ x KAOTIKO sneakers.

You will be able to live this experience I’m talking about, discover all the details of the launch and enjoy a customisation workshop with Irene Black next September 28th in Barcelona. The new BACARDÍ x KAOTIKO are now available at

On the occasion of the launch, we took the opportunity to talk to Germán Bernard, CEO of Kaotiko.

HIGHXTAR (H): How did this collaboration come about?

GERMÁN (G): The spark for this collaboration between Kaotiko and Ron Bacardí came about because both brands share something special, like when you meet a friend who shares your weird musical tastes. We share a passion for authenticity and creativity, so…. Why not join forces and create something that will make everyone say “Wow, I want that! It’s exciting when two completely different worlds intersect and create something unexpected. That’s exactly what happens in this collaboration. We both share a passion for authenticity and creativity so we thought: “Why not bring streetstyle and the festive spirit together?” And so this collaboration was born.

(H): What do Kaotiko and Bacardi have in common?

(G): A desire for experiences and to be in contact with the end user. We are also united by the entrepreneurial spirit of both brands. Both Kaotiko and Bacardi are rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit. Kaotiko started as an independent urban fashion shop in Barcelona and has grown with a bold vision. Bacardi, meanwhile, was founded by an entrepreneur, Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, in Cuba in 1862. Both brands have thrived on innovation and determination. Also the passion for quality, authenticity, and above all culture and lifestyle: Kaotiko and Bacardi are rooted in culture and lifestyle. Kaotiko reflects urban fashion and self-expression, while Bacardi embodies the culture of drinking and the celebration of life. The collaboration between the two brands allows us to fuse these elements into a unique experience for our customers.

(H): Why has this silhouette been reinterpreted?

(G): The limited run of BACARDÍ x KAOTIKO trainers is a perfect combination of the rum brand’s distinctive tropical style and Kaotiko’s urban footwear design. In addition, Madrid-based artist Irene Dévora, who specialises in customising trainers, has been commissioned to create an exclusive design inspired by Bacardi’s most iconic cocktail, the Mojito. A proposal that transforms the iconic unisex KaotiKo Basket White trainer into a unique piece that captures the spirit of both brands.

And also with Irene Dévora

(HIGHXTAR): What does this collaboration mean to you?

(Irene): This collaboration means a lot to me as an artist and designer. Working with such well-known brands as BACARDÍ and Kaotiko is an opportunity to share my work and creativity with a wider audience. As well as the visibility and recognition this can give me and future collaborations or projects. This experience is a reminder that effort and dedication can give you super cool opportunities.

(H): What was the creative process like?

(I): The creative process was a challenge. I started by analysing the BACARDÍ and Kaotiko brand to capture their essence and commonalities. Then, I played with the colours and elements to achieve the perfect design. The truth is that seeing the project embodied in all the trainers has been a huge satisfaction.

(H): What did you enjoy most about participating in this project?

(I): What I loved most about this project was the creative freedom I had. As well as working hand in hand with the BACARDÍ and Kaotiko team. Knowing that my work is part of such a special collaboration is a fantasy. Plus the fun I’m having at the events, doing what I love and meeting so many great people.

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