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Rosalía invests in Spain and buys a flat in Sitges

In recent months, the artist and her family have set up a production company and a real estate company to diversify their sources of income.

Rosalía invests in Spain and buys a flat in Sitges

Rosalía may be thinking of moving back to Catalonia, but it is more a question of diversifying her business. The singer has managed, in record time, to become an internationally known star, a fashion icon, as could be seen at the Met Gala 2024, and now she intends to take a step further in the real estate sector.

At a great moment in her life, both professionally and sentimentally, after learning of her relationship with Jeremy Allen White, the Catalan has decided to invest in a 120 square metre flat located between Sitges and Castelldefels. It is a building with sea views, a parking space that the family bought in April and numerous amenities.

Tresmamis SL. has been the company chosen to make the real estate investments and diversify the singer’s assets. It is dedicated to the “promotion, construction, purchase, sale, lease and marketing in general of all kinds of buildings, land, plots, rural and urban properties”, according to the registry. Therefore, it is the company behind the purchase of Rosalía’s flat in Sitges.

In recent months, he has created two new entities apart from Motomami SL, the company with which he has managed his career until now. On the one hand, Racinetas Productions SL, with which he has created the production company and is creating the recording studio in L’Hospitalet, and on the other hand, Tresmamis SL, with which he has bought the flat in Sitges. All three entities will be taxed in Spain.

This is the first time that Rosalía invests in her land, as the modernist mansion called Mas Morera, located in Manresa, was the result of a gift that her ex-partner, the singer Rauw Alejandro, gave her when they were together. It was the place she had set as her home when she was in Spain, but after the break-up, the singer put it up for sale for two million euros.

Dior appoints Rosalia as its official ambassador.

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