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Schiaparelli SS24: how to make the everyday into something surprising

Why should fashion be a choice between comfort and spectacularity? Schiaparelli shows us in her new collection that you don’t have to give up either.

Schiaparelli SS24: how to make the everyday into something surprising

In a runway show that promised to be yet another season-long ode to reinvention, Schiaparelli presented its spring-summer 2024 collection, paying homage to the maison’s iconic beginnings. Legendary actress Marisa Berenson shared the precious tale of how her grandmother, Elsa Schiaparelli, transformed a simple wool sweater into a primitive work of art, marking the birth of a design philosophy that endures to this day.

The runway became a stage where everyday garments were transmuted into surprising pieces. From head to toe, Schiaparelli’s ready-to-wear revealed a new dimension of the familiar. White shirts, flowing trench coats and smoky black blazers were reimagined by Daniel Roseberry with the house’s distinctive codes, revealing a universe of secrets and exquisitely crafted details.

Each button on the sleeves became a jewel, with emblematic elements such as the keyhole, the padlock and the dove, paying homage to the maison’s rich history. The tape measure, which once adorned a “Shocking” perfume, now framed fitted silhouettes and epic blouses with a touch of Schiaparelli’s signature humor.

Accessories were not far behind in this celebration of heritage and irreverence. The Visage bag, affectionately dubbed the “Mrs. Potato Head of Place Vendôme,” became the object of desire for many, a living testament to Schiaparelli’s ability to defy convention. The new Schiap bag, with its intricate metric ribbon design and distinctive keyhole in hammered gold, was a bold statement of the house’s exceptional craftsmanship.

As for the footwear, Schiaparelli’s boldness and ingenuity were evident in every detail. Heels adorned with the keyhole and golden tips, which have become a new classic, gave life to a sneaker inspired by American sporty versatility. This fusion of styles symbolizes the designer’s duality, a blend of American influences and the refinement of French chic.

The color palette, from whites and citrus to ornate blacks and golds, demonstrated Schiaparelli’s ability to balance simplicity with extravagant luxury.

Schiaparelli SS24 ready-to-wear embodies the essence of the house: everyday garments that dare to be extraordinary; because fashion doesn’t have to be a choice between comfort and showmanship. Elsa Schiaparelli proved this in her early days, and the house continues this legacy with the perseverance that fashion can be accessible and stunning at the same time.

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