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Scrapworld comes to IFEMA in spring 2024

SCRAPWORLD will celebrate its 5th anniversary by bringing the most avant-garde trends in streetwear to the IFEMA MADRID exhibition centre.

Scrapworld comes to IFEMA in spring 2024

After landing in Barcelona, SCRAPWORLD returns in the spring of 2024 thanks to the youtuber ‘byCalitos’ together with Miguel Antón and Juán Villegas, betting one more year on the most avant-garde trends in urban fashion and streetwear of the national scene.

Hall 6 of the IFEMA MADRID Exhibition Centre, with its nearly 12,000m2 of exhibition space, will host more than 15,000 people in a space that will offer attendees a wide variety of experiences such as fashion talks, workshops, showcases and the most innovative artists on the music scene.

Once again, SCRAPWORLD continues to reaffirm its commitment to culture by creating a connection between brands, artists and a community of fashion lovers. “In our desire for this event to continue to grow and explore new territories, SCRAPWORLD is committed to collaborating with great brands that share our passion for enjoying, exploring and sharing”, explains Carlos Martín (@bycalitos), one of its founders.

Consolidated as one of the most relevant face-to-face events for the industry, the national urban fashion fair par excellence already has tickets available here. Scrapworld continues to position itself as the reference space where brands, artists and streetwear lovers come together.

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