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September 2023: 6 emerging brands you should know this month

We are back with our selection of emerging brands of the month, this time with 6 brands that are making an impact on the industry with their ideas. Stay to discover them!

September 2023: 6 emerging brands you should know this month

In this edition of emerging brands and on the occasion of the fashion month par excellence, this September we talk about brands that are laying the foundations of the new fashion industry.

Stay to know them because, you must have them on your radar!


Ellen Hodakova Larsson is a true master in the art of upcycling. This talented Swedish designer has spent years transforming second-hand garments, displaying a creative vision that goes beyond mere reuse. Hodakova gives a new life to whatever she finds around her, turning a simple pair of gloves into an amazing top, a belt into a handbag, a spoon into a belt, among other surprising metamorphoses. Her innovative approach not only reinvents garments, but also their original purpose, giving each creation a new life.

Jade Cropper

Jade Cropper, from Stockholm, works with her contemporary designs inspired by her grandmother, an independent woman who lived on her own terms. Her distinctive designs feature fitted silhouettes, curved seams and precise cuts. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Jade uses recycled materials and eco-friendly practices in every garment, leaving an indelible mark on contemporary fashion. The Hadid sisters, the Kardashian clan or Rosalia are just some of the celebrities who love the brand.

No Dress

Nodress stands as a flash of genius, rescuing the essence of 90’s street style in China and Japan to weave its unique narrative. Founded by visionary LuQi You, this independent brand exudes a cool-girl energy that captivates at every turn. Drawing inspiration from design masters such as Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, Nodress combines contemporary with nostalgic touches, giving fashion a fascinating new canvas to explore.vintage style with a contemporary twist.

Rave Review

Rave Review, based in Stockholm, is dedicated to upcycling, redefining high-end garments. Its founders, Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, met at Beckmans College of Design and founded the brand a year after graduating, driven by the need to transform the fashion industry. Their approach focuses on the reuse of pre-existing materials, thus addressing the problem of pollution. Since their debut at the Swedish Institute in Paris in 2017, they have presented five collections, highlighted by their innovative blanket coat. Rave Review’s vision is clear: to be a source of inspiration and contribute to the shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

All In Studio 

In 2015, Barron founded ALL-IN as an editorial publication. At the publication’s first launch, he met Bror August Vestbø. Initially, Barron was primarily a photographer, while Vestbø interned for other brands. Together they began transforming flea market garments for their photo shoots, giving rise to new creations and gradually making ALL-IN what it is today. Their unpretentious approach to recycled materials and openness to creative possibilities have been key in the early years of the project. As they have evolved as a brand, they have expanded their offering. Their collaborations with wholesalers have earned them a reputation in the industry as masters of garment recycling.


Feben, based in London, is a member of the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN incubator program and the Swedish Fashion Council. Her work, influenced by her nomadic roots, explores the black diaspora with a surreal approach. Her bold and surreal creations are a reflection of her experiences and memories.

From draped dresses to twisted tailoring, FEBEN redefines the intersection of fashion and art with a fresh and bold perspective.

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