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Shorts with boots: the silent styling expansion

We review the history of this controversial combination up to the silent expansion it is having in today’s fashion culture.

The chronology of style has passed through various subcultures and communities over time: from queer, punk, to being part of the clubber aesthetic or loaded with connotations and / or undertones of rebellion, eroticism or self-liberation. But it has been now when styling has been elevated to the catwalk, emerging in a canonical way by fashion outsiders or archivists.

In this sense, the combination of shorts and boots is not something new. Its origin and use dates back to the military sphere as the uniform of the soldiers of the First and Second World War. Although the real pioneers of this style were the cowboys in the West, with personalities such as the English general Robert Baden Powell, whose most famous contribution to today’s culture was the invention of the Boy Scouts and their uniform, which included shorts and boots.


However, in the history and archives of women’s fashion this combination has been something relatively normal starting with styles made up of heeled boots and skirts or shorts, of which now extends its length to the knee through cargo or utility pants. Even so, all this aesthetic influence has not been the same in the menswear universe, which now drinks from all these references of the past through a deep current diffusion that could be due, in part, to the explosion of clubbing aesthetics or the post-pandemic raver world. An anarchic current in which the queer world transforms objects into fetishisms, which are then replicated by the Z generation to lead to the cycle of trends.

In the midst of this emerging paradigm, the proliferation of this look dances rhythmically between success and failure, depending on the choice of both the pants and the boot in question, among options such as combat, chelsea or cowboy boots. An experiment around the act of dressing on which countless firms are experimenting, launching subversive proposals that version the height and distance between the two elements. An exploration that a whole succession of brands such as Rhude, Rick Owens, Givenchy or Acne Studios have carried out for the FW23 or SS23 seasons, finishing off the trend that will end up defining the stylistic codes of this summer.

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