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Songzio FW23: the portrait of a child gladiator

The new Songzio man of FW23 reflects the duality of the human being, delicate at heart but with the appearance of a gladiator.

Jay Song has created a portrait of a child gladiator for Songzio FW23. At Garage Haussmann, in the heart of Paris, the young designer creates a dual look: tough but delicate.

The collection has focused precisely on this duality that characterizes the human being. The double-layered, detachable pieces represent the idea of duality. Heavy in appearance, the garments look fluid in movement, giving the sensation of a harmonious whole when paraded.

Thus, Songzio’s (@songzio_official) jackets are created in the manner of armor, the skirt-pants are inspired by the Roman gladiator. Behind these garments, the messy draped, asymmetrical and more fluid silhouettes represent delicacy.

The color palette of the collection is dominated by dark tones such as black, brown and gray. Interspersed, however, we see touches of turquoise blue, green and metallic pastel oranges or pinks.

Entirely handmade in its Seoul workshops, the Songzio FW23 collection demonstrates the true savoir-faire of the Korean house. Detail and meticulous workmanship is key to the brand and, once again this season, plays an important role in a thoughtful collection.

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