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Steven Klein unveils a reel of Polaroids featuring fashion’s greatest muses

Renowned photographer Steven Klein presents ‘ULTIMATE STEVEN KLEIN’: a compilation of snapshots that takes collectors deep into his iconic archive.

Steven Klein unveils a reel of Polaroids featuring fashion’s greatest muses

From Naomi Campbell to Claudia Schiffer, Madonna to Kate Moss: Through 18 unique polaroids, one of photography and film’s most provocative artists curates this collection destined to be auctioned at London Photographs this month.

The images project the connection between photographer and subject through portraits that offer a glimpse into his illustrious career and his work with fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Dior, alongside images of global icons such as Prince, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Brad Pitt, taken between 1989 and 2007.

This subversive vision of glamour, fame and beauty runs through works that demonstrate Klein’s skill as a teller of epic tales that transform our understanding of his subjects, including some of the biggest names in music, film and fashion such as Angelia Jolie and Alexander McQueen. 

Klein’s photographs not only offer an intimate and profound insight into his creative process, but also capture defining moments in pop culture history.

“I think of Polaroids as channels to different dimensions and dreams, as if each Polaroid is a window to an image that awaits my discovery,” Klein begins in a press release. “Magic is precisely that, the discovery of the invisible. These are important moments in the subjects that inspired me, each a part of the process of building through visual language. A chronological record of my career and the people I have photographed. I’m very excited to have my second collection of Polaroids with Phillips.”

Klein goes on to address the importance of the Polaroid format in his career: “Polaroid can teach you, as it taught me, about colour and the representation of space. Polaroid colour was always better than film.

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