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Supreme brings back summer eyewear

Straight from Italy and in a vibrant variety of colours come new eyewear styles from the New York brand.

Supreme brings back summer eyewear

The eyewear collection from the New York label arrives just in time for the summer season.

Supreme‘s new eyewear styles Dutch, Cleo, Fuse and Avon come direct from Italy in a vibrant variety of colours, all with anti-reflective lenses to ensure optimum quality. Among them, the first model takes centre stage thanks to its fun shades and logo detailing on the centre and sides of the temples.

For lovers of vintage aesthetics, the Cleo has been designed with wide, rounded lenses that offer much greater facial coverage and frames that add the finishing touch. Available in tortoiseshell, navy blue, semi-transparent grey and black. The sporty Fuse is inspired by specialized racing eyewear and features a matching strap with rubber tips that combine with the thin, reflective lenses.

Finally, there is the Avon, a very attractive version of the wayfarer with semi-transparent frames in different shades of green and a more solid black option. The details are completed with the brand’s logo on the temples.

The Supreme Eyewear Spring 2024 collection will go on sale on 9 May at

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