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We talk w/ Cora Novoa from SKTVT

Today we talk with the producer, designer and artist Cora Novoa, SKTVT creative director and pioneer of the “concept brand” in our country, Spain.

Today we talk with the producer, designer and artist Cora Novoa, SKTVT creative director and pioneer of the “concept brands” of our country, Spain. We all know his role as producer of electronic music, but not everyone knows that Cora is changing the way the art and fashion projects are conceived in Spain.

Cora Novoa

Seeking The Velvet is the orchestra and Cora Novoa is the director…

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Highxtar (H) – With only check your appearances on magazines, your Instagram or see your performances … Anyone can deduce that you are a successful music producer and also follows that you are a lover of fashion and trends …but above all, you are a “concept fashion” lover. We’ve seen you wearing clothes from Sang Bleu, ARMES or … Concept brands that have achieved recognition in their respective countries and Europe … Sometimes we get the feeling that you are one step ahead, as did you get know these groups? Could we say SKTVT takes a little of each of these projects that you support?

Cora (C) – I have discovered all these projects  through Internet. SKTVT is inspired by all these projects and many more. Both fashion, music or art. It’s great have been born in this decade; Internet has changed everything, has made such different projects do not feel orphans, it has also generated a scene… It has meant that everything has a meaning and evolution.

H – We know that SKTVT is a record label, but the clothes are also taking much prominence. Increasingly the music labels expand their vision through fashion … Do you think people understands difference between merchandising and brand / clothing brand within a label?

C – There are people that understand and people that not. But what is important here is not if people understand the difference, the most important is what you want to do and what you’re willing to fight for your vision.

When I started the project, many people and close friends, they told me that I was crazy, “Cora make a label and a project like you’re telling me it’s crazy today. An investment in unnecessary time and money. ” Many people not understood anything. But believe me, SKTVT is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I know that the global vision that I have of the project will take a few years, but I know I’m on the right track and I’m super satisfied with the results.

Some people will see the shirts as merchandising others do not. Anyway, the important thing is that I understand all and there are many other people who understand. The nicest thing is that people start to join the project, and it is happening slowly. Some start with the buying a music release, acquiring a print, etc … You have to generate curiosity and create new challenges that motivate people to want to investigate and take things a step further.


H – In recent years we have seen an exponential growth of the brand concept throughout the continent, but in Spain people tend to be more reluctant to this kind of movements; How the national public reacts to your clothes design? Do you think that the message you want transmit arrive?

C – SKTVT is better understood outside Spain. This results in: followers, sales or supporters of the project. One thing is true, people who follow SKTVT here in Spain are people who are committed to the project and they live it in their own way.

H – What you’re getting with your collection is to expand your project and in turn generate a sense of belonging in those who wear garments SKTVT. We think you are aware that many people wear clothes just for that feeling of belonging to something that actually sometimes do not understand, you deny those who do not understand the concept or you love have people that admire the project without delving into it?

– I not disown anything, and never of people that maybe buy a disc but do not know the dimension behind each piece we launched in SKTVT. Anything goes, we are in the 21st century, and life is not all or nothing, the key is balance and color blends.

I love that people feel special when you saw some article of SKTVT, who feel they belong to the community. To a group of people who share many things in common. This is one of the reasons why I made with love all the clothing and is the reason too why I made limited editions. We try the product very carefully so these are the reasons why there are spaces between launch and release. I like people are part of the project and that they live as I do every day.


H – 90% of the brands mentioned in this article work on clothing created patterns either Champion or Fruit Of The Loom and they give most prominence to the intervention in the piece and the message … SKTVT creates a pattern from 0 and produces their own “designs” so… What is more important to you the pattern or the message you want to convey?

C – I’ve tried both ways of working: creating patterns and the pattern pre-created. The result is different and everything has its pros and cons. Now, having tried both ways, I think it all depends on the collection of clothes you want to launch, quality, number of garments and many other factors.

H – We could see in networks that people like Maxime Buchi, founder of the concept store and the coveted collection of Sang Bleu was supporting your platform Seeking The Velvet… How is the relationship arises? Do you think he has understood the concept from the outset?

C – Maxime Buchi is one of my references. He is an artist from head to toe and hardworking. I follow him since the beginning of blogging and I’ve been watching your progress and work all these years. If I remember correctly the composition of the blog was made up of photos, no text, but his aesthetic sense was brilliant, I can remember his prints, his tattoos and clothing. He already had created their creative project Sang Bleu, had published printed magazines and the thing was running very well. It’s great see where it has come the vision and work of Maxime. There are people who only see it as a tattoo artist, others as an influencer, for me is one of the best artists and visionaries of the 21st century.

But it was about a year ago when Maxime began to follow my project: SKTVT. From there we exchanged messages and we follow the track. For me it was very special his support of the project. He wears pieces of our clothing and following us. He would not necessarily do it, and if he has done is because he likes.


H – Another of the collectives that wear your clothes are Faubourg823, based in Lausanne (Swiss Wave). We have also seen performing Loco Dice in Chicago with the coveted T-shirt Scan Cross Tee… Talking about the Scan Cross… Could we see a re-edit soon?

C – I will soon launch a couple of re-issues of SKTVT classic garments which were part of the first capsule. I have taken a year and a half to make it again because I wanted that people who had one of this pieces felt special and exclusive.

H – A label that has started a fashion brand recently is Bromance Records, who has worked with Off-White, Clot or ARMES … When we see the first collaboration over the clothes of SKTVT?… If you could choose… Who would you like to join?

C – I’d love to do a collaboration with a creative project related to the vision of SKTVT, but it’s something I would not rush to do. Things always have to flow, and more in this type of project.

I’d love to do some creative collaboration with Maxime Buchi,, Wellness or DIY.


H – A project 360º like yours does not have to be easy to carry out and we think that you struggles with one goal in mind, recently the designer and DJ Virgil Abloh said he would like to see Off-White become an empire respected as it is Saint Laurent today … where would you like to arrive with SKTVT?

C – I would like to have a solid project, self-sufficient, and make all just next to a small group of people with the same vision, values and pace of work.

H – You are embarked on the project of your life which expands through different channels such as music, art or design… Do you understand the means of expression as independent of each other or necessarily have to convey the same message?

C – In creativity there are no rules, there is nothing written, so it all depends on the project and what you mean by it. There will be times that you used a color palette and a particular canvas, and in another you will use charcoal and Din A4 recycled. Must be free and be carried away by visions that each has on the head, although people do not understand anything.

The important thing here is creativity, instinct and the work capacity you have.

“Slowly I begin to have what I’ve always dreamed of, creative freedom and the  pieces of a puzzle that I always wanted to get to do.”

Cora Novoa


H – There is currently a movement in the international fashion scene called “post-streetwear” which is led by young people, dreamy and concerns as Gosha, Virgil, Guillermo Andrade, etc. They are marks calls “concept” and are increasingly present in the big tradeshows… Can you imagine doing a complete collection? Will we see someday Cora Novoa go out to say hi on a catwalk?

C – As experience would be great, and would be great to materialize some day, but I really I  not see me doing this constantly. I love fashion and trends, but unfortunately it is very hard and ephemeral in many ways.

H – We have seen that you work with capsules, it is normal in limited edition and concept fashion collections. The last was released earlier this year… Do you have something in mind for the coming months? … Will we see some color in the clothes or you selected the black and white as part of the concept?

C – By one side the reissue to be launched this winter, I’m already working on the next collection of clothes, it will also be a capsule collection, and I’ll have some surprises, but for now I can not tell you more.

H – To finish the interview we want to congratulate you for the fantastic and curated project that you are developing, and congratulations too for introduce Spain within the movement. Two more questions;-),Have you thought about create, over the years, SKTVT store/space? And finally … Could you tell us some brands you like or you like to have in your closet?

C – It would be great to have a SKTVT space, but not limited only selling products, would be the nerve center where all happen. Hopefully someday can materialize, that would be very good sign.

There go my brands: Off-White and Youth Of Paris.


Thank you for your time Cora!

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