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Taylor Swift crowned Americans’ style icon

A new study has found out who are the most fashionable women in the music industry, and Taylor Swift takes the top spot.

Taylor Swift crowned Americans’ style icon

Taylor Swift holds the top spot, with a monthly average of 107,442 Google searches for her style. The 14-time Grammy winner is famous for her fashion, and her recent Super Bowl outfit cost more than $50,000, designed by Dion Lee. She paired it with a necklace with a number 87 pendant, a tribute to Travis Kelce’s jersey number.

In second place is Stevie Nicks, with an average of 18,808 monthly Google searches. During her time with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist, she has become a fashion icon. Heavily influenced by the hippie subculture, she is known for her mix of vintage prints, flowing fabrics, flared sleeves and, of course, her trademark platform boots.

Third on the list is Aaliyah, with an average of 15,601 monthly Google searches. From her crop tops to her iconic Roberto Cavalli animal print dress, her red carpet looks never failed to impress. Thirteen years after her tragic death, she is still famous for her style.

In fourth place is Beyoncé, with an average of 14,365 monthly Google searches. Bright, transparent, colourful and eclectic is the American artist’s style. However, the singer is known for the dazzling outfits she wears on tour. As she awaits the release of Renaissance Act 2, Queen B’s outfits will continue to turn heads wherever she goes.

Lady Gaga ranks fifth, with an average of 11,298 monthly Google searches. She made a surprise appearance at the 2010 MTV Music Awards in a dress and headdress made of raw meat, which she later revealed symbolised women’s rights and the fact that she is “not a piece of meat”. In 2009, she wore a coat made entirely of Kermit the Frog stuffed animals, condemning the fur industry.

Next on the list is Melanie Martinez, with an average of 10,612 monthly Google searches. The Voice contestant is heavily influenced by gothic style. These looks are always accompanied by her iconic dyed hair, which she changes depending on the occasion.

In seventh place is Ariana Grande, with an average of 9,558 monthly searches. Her fashion sense has evolved over the years, from her Nickelodeon career to becoming one of today’s best-selling pop artists. She is often seen in oversized jumpers, mini skirts and high-heeled boots, which she pairs with her iconic high ponytail and infinity eyeliner.

In eighth place is Doja Cat, with an average of 8,494 monthly Google searches. She is another artist known for her bold, uncomplicated style. Some of her most memorable looks include the saddle hat she wore to the 2021 VMAs and the custom red dress she wore in 2023, combined with 30,000 red crystals covering her head and body.

In ninth place is Rihanna, with 7,939 monthly searches. Rihanna is one of the pop singers who have been best at revolutionising her style and staying ahead of the curve. The artist has also known how to take advantage of less sensual clothes to make fun looks that look casual and careless, but still have an urban and elegant touch.

In tenth place is Lana Del Rey, with an average of 7,875 monthly searches. Many of her looks are inspired by 50s and 60s fashion, as well as Hollywood glamour. From custom-made Gucci dresses to the $18 Shein dress she wore to the Variety Awards in 2021, she always stays true to her personal style.

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