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Telfar Denim is here to stay

The Telfar Denim collection ‘is not destined to sell out in a day or a week,’ the brand said. ‘It is here to stay’.

Telfar Denim is here to stay

The New York-based brand has launched Telfar Denim, its new line that has been in development for 20 years. The launch is part of Telfar’s plan to refocus on ready-to-wear fashion. Before becoming world-renowned for its iconic handbags, Telfar focused on genderless fashion. For the past two years, the designer has used his own platform, Telfar.TV, a public access channel that serves as a springboard for art, storytelling and commerce.

Telfar Denim includes straight-leg denim in three versions – short-short, capri and thigh-hole. There are also structured denim jackets and a short version with detachable sleeves in washed denim and black, inspired by a model from the previous spring 2012 line. Completing the capsule is a baggy jean that is a ‘reinterpretation of a hallmark of black diaspora style’ and two skirts in two colourways in long and mini versions.

With many of its core motifs rooted in Telfar’s early collections, Telfar Denim reminds us that before the stock market, Telfar emerged in the early 2000s as one of the most original and conceptually rooted designers in fashion,’ the brand said. ‘This offering forms a cornerstone of Telfar’s 2024 vision to bring clothing back into focus, but to do so on its own terms – eschewing the fashion calendar and showroom system – building a wardrobe block by block.’

Telfar Denim is now available at

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