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Te descubrimos 6 artistas emergentes que lo están petando. Y no te preocupes si no apareces porque vamos a seguir publicando muchos más.

‘Which emerging artist should we listen to?’ That was the question we asked you on our Instagram profile hoping to meet new promises that would make us vibrate. After receiving many proposals, we discover you 6 artists like every month. Don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up because we will continue with the monthly recommendations.

Lately our Instagram DM is always full of Spotify links that users send us so that we can listen and give coverage to the young promises that are hitting it big on the national scene. “Tag an emerging artist you consider promising and write the title of one of their best tracks,” we posted on our profile back in the day. In less than 24 hours we received almost 500 comments with the most popular songs of the country. In order to make sure that all these interesting projects don’t get stuck in the DM, we choose 6 artists every month and talk about them and their music.


At her early ate, Samuraï  has established herself as a must-have on the national emerging pop scene. The Madrilenian has surprised with her reach, appearing in some of the most listened lists in Spain and Latin America on Spotify. Already considered one of the most important new wave artists, Samuraï has collaborated with artists such as Sule B, Soge Culebra or Deva among others and her reach does not stop growing.

L’ Haine

L’Haine is the name of the 1995 French film, but it is also the name of the musical project of this young boy from Logroño. The singer and songwriter moved to Madrid in 2019 and, since then, has released two albums, “Autobús Noctámbulo” (2019) and “Patagonia” (2021) and many singles. His latest music video “DE LA FORMA EN LA FORMA YO QUIERO” produced by Beluga Studio is a must.

Pink Kardashian

She started doing make-up for different artists of the underground scene and it was while working as a make-up artist for El Bloque TV that she was bitten by the music bug again. Thus began her career as a dj, and the truth is that Pink Kardashian has played all over Spain both solo and with some of the biggest names in the scene. After releasing her debut mixtape, Trip To Pinkiland two years ago, the artist arrives with MCL, a hyperpop mixtape.

La$$ Suga’

Lázaro is a young man from Tenerife known in the rap world by his current AKA ‘La$$ Suga’. The rapper who is growing within the under scene with a particular pure style, linked to the classic boom bap. The rapper has just released his new album, ‘FLEXXO SEASON’.

BB Trickz

Ice Spice has already created school in our country, proof of this is the project of Bb Trickz, also known as Belize Kazi. The Spaniard has set TikTok and all the networks on fire with her latest track ‘MISION SUICIDA’, a drill in Spanish that has all the ingredients that made the ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ hit. The rapper already achieved a viral hit with ‘BAMBI’, last February. Bars such as “my boyfriend thinks he’s a rapper, what he is is a mamahuevo”, are transporting her to success.

El Último Piso

El Último Piso was born as an audiovisual collective idea formed by young people from Toledo, Talavera de la Reina and Marbella. The essence of the collective is to unite people with few resources and self-taught with their different passions towards the musical and visual environment with a single goal of making projects that make the group and individuals who are part of it grow. Proof of this eagerness is the last videoclip that they have launched for their single ‘Meraki’.


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