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The beef between Anuel and Arcángel continues

Both artists have been making their feud public for some time now, and now the networks are ablaze with ‘Glock Glock Glock Glock’, Anuel’s latest strip.

The beef between Anuel and Arcángel continues

It all started when Arcángel confessed in an interview that Anuel AA was not his friend, releasing “Feliz Navidad 8” last December 11, making it clear that there are no good vibes between them. Arcángel also mentioned that Anuel is envious of Bad Bunny, which adds even more tension.

Anuel, evidently far from keeping quiet, responded on his social networks by changing his profile picture and posting a video directed at Arcángel on TikTok. In less than 24 hours, Anuel launched his own strip, ‘Glock Glock Glock’, in which he criticizes several urban artists (and especially Arcángel). The strip mentions Arcángel’s career, his relationship with Daddy Yankee, and also involves Bad Bunny. Anuel also brings out his father side and addresses personal issues, generating even more controversy. “Where I see you I’m going to shove you in your face and I’m going to record you so everyone can see you for who you really are,” he threatened him through Instagram stories.

Arcángel’s response was immediate on social networks, announcing that he will soon have a response in the form of a song, assuring that he can beat Anuel alone and without the need for help. The beef between the two artists is in full swing, with fans sharing memes and reactions on social networks. How will this confrontation evolve in the world of reggaeton?

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