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The colourful essence of KENZO meets the know-how of ASICS

KENZO presents its first trainers, the result of a collaboration with the Japanese brand ASICS, designed by its artistic director Nigo.

The colourful essence of KENZO meets the know-how of ASICS

The Kayano name originates from its designer, Toshikazu Kayano, who created the first version of this iconic design in 1993. The ASICS GEL-KAYANO 20 is a cushioned, comfortable and stable shoe, originally launched in 2013. Now KENZO is relaunching this resilient shoe and legitimising itself in the trainer market for good. The colourful essence of KENZO merges with the technical know-how of ASICS to create three styles of unisex KENZO x ASICS shoes.

Gel-Kayano 20 ‘KENZO x ASICS’ – Multicolour

KENZO’s concept of travel has inspired the design of these shoes: colourful flags from different countries and a 3D-printed animal motif enhance their globetrotting look. The signature “KENZO” in blue adorns the front, while grey “GEL” details enhance the heel area. On the back, the embossed “GEL KAYANO 20” lettering in white stands out.

Gel-Kayano 20 ‘KENZO x ASICS’ – Off white

Inspired by KENZO’s iconic tiger graphic, the trainers feature a tiger print in white and grey accompanied by black lining and black and white soles. It combines classic elements with nature-inspired graphics to make the trainers a symbol of modern fashion. Silver “KENZO” lettering adorns the front, while gold “GEL” detailing highlights the heel area. On the back, the gold-coloured “GEL KAYANO 20” lettering stands out.

Gel-Kayano 20 ‘KENZO x ASICS’ – Ciano

The iconic graphic design of KENZO’s signature tiger also inspired this cyan-coloured model with faux fur and tiger print in blue and green. The sole is black, orange and blue, while the front is adorned with the signature “KENZO” in lime and “GEL” lettering on the heel. On the back, the “GEL KAYANO 20” lettering in red stands out.

The limited edition KENZO X ASICS shoes are now available.

KENZO W24: bringing east and west ever closer together.

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