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The designer who creates fashion grails through AI

Field Skjellerup is the AI designer who has built an entire universe of hyper-realistic designs and fashion grails.

Field Skjellerup is the fashion archivist and designer who has been exploring new generative AI tools and exposing never-before-seen aesthetic possibilities for two years, creating a whole universe of hyper-realistic designs inspired by vintage Japanese fashion imagery or iconic runways through the GAN automation model.


Occultism and/or the art of the unusual envelopes the work of this AI designer, in which his models seem to have been hypnotized by their own magnetic and mysterious universe. Thus, the digital artist renders an entire archive of curated pieces that include sculptural sweaters with slashed waistbands, avant-garde parkas adorned with piles of trash or metallic accordion skirts inspired by images of iconic designers such as Junya Watanabe AW04, Hussein Chalayan AW00 or Kosuke Tsumura’s Final Home project.

The creative projects in the virtual space a whole portfolio of snapshots and/or designs that blur the boundaries between reality and simulation as the fashion of AI advances, as a new creative trend driven by automation. A very powerful tool with which the designer last week viralized Nike sneakers sheathed in a Simone Rocha-like aesthetic, constructed in laser-cut mesh, and embellished with rubberized petals and ribbed laces.


Skjellerup‘s virtual artworks or creations push the boundaries of reality, while representing an ode to technology, and inclusivity. And the fact is that the algorithmic world of AI has not been trained to recognize people with darker skin tones, a norm that evokes past times when film optimization did not capture faces of light-skinned people. Skjellerup then reverses this trend through his imagery and identity, denouncing this racial bias of pre-trained white models by default.

Field, beyond reproducing pre-existing processes and creating new modes of expression through artificial intelligence, runs a platform for selling archives of Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishnuma or Comme des Garçons / Rei Kawakubo, and all those irreverent personalities who were part of the wake of the “renegades of fashion” who advocated anti-fashion.

In this sense, he remasters all those seminal pieces or collections of fashion through virtual spells with which he makes them live forever immortalized in the infinite cybernetic ocean.

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