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The Drop II from Eastpak and Pleasures is here

Eastpak is once again collaborating with Pleasures to adapt its iconic designs to the style of the Los Angeles-based urban fashion brand.

The Drop II from Eastpak and Pleasures is here

Pleasures reinvents the classic Eastpak backpack, tote bag and shoulder bags as urban staples marked by subculture.

Following the success of their first drop, Pleasures and Eastpak announce their second collaboration. This collection features a fusion of Pleasures’ iconic design elements with Eastpak’s timeless craftsmanship, resulting in a range of innovative and edgy accessories that capture the essence of both brands.

The second collaboration between Pleasures and Eastpak represents an innovative fusion of streetwear sensibility and high quality materials manufacturing. With each piece in the collection meticulously designed and carefully reinvented, this collaboration offers a fresh and exciting take on iconic accessories.

Gerys Skeleton

At the heart of the collection is the “Gerys Skeleton,” an Eastpak classic reinvented by the Pleasures team. This eye-catching backpack incorporates the iconic Pleasures logo, seamlessly integrated into the design, along with green elastic on the front and a detachable reflective add-on on the rib cage. The Gerys Skeleton combines functionality with an edgy aesthetic, making it a must-have for streetwear enthusiasts who crave bold, unique style.

Pleasures vest

The collection also includes the Pleasures vest, an extraordinary piece that blends the best of both worlds. This vest showcases the innovative collaboration between Pleasures and Eastpak, combining four iconic Eastpak front pockets with the iconic Pleasures spine print on the back. Available in two sizes, M and XL, the Pleasures vest offers a versatile and stylish option for those looking to be fashionable while keeping their belongings close at hand.

Bucket Crossbody

The Bucket Crossbody, a two-in-one accessory that redefines functionality and brings a new level of versatility to the collection. This unique bag combines the style of a bucket hat with the practicality of a crossbody bag, allowing for a seamless transition between a hat and a compact tote. The Bucket Crossbody is equipped with a detachable plaid strap, which offers additional customization options for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate the combination of practicality and style.

Pleasures Rusher

Another iconic Eastpak staple getting the Pleasures treatment is the Pleasures Rusher. This reinvented piece incorporates Pleasures’ signature design elements, including a detachable reflective skeleton hand held in place by Velcro. The Pleasures Rusher exemplifies the seamless integration of Pleasures’ unique aesthetic with Eastpak’s commitment to quality and functionality.

The Pleasures x Eastpak collection is now on sale in select stores and online.

Pleasures is once again generating hype in streetwear culture with a new collection of sartorial delights inspired by the post-punk band.

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