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The eyeshadow that has won Kendall Jenner over

Supermodel Kendall Jenner gives us a sneak peek at one of this autumn 2022’s make-up trends: blue eyeshadow.

Fashion month is approaching, which means we’ll soon know the beauty trends that will reign on the catwalk. In the meantime Kendall Jenner is giving us a sneak preview of one of the key eye shades for this autumn.


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Blue eyeshadow is like hairspray: both are surprisingly versatile and can lift any look if applied correctly. Such is the case with Kendall Jenner, who wore blue eyeshadow to the launch party for the collaboration between Ultra Beauty and her sister’s cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Jenner’s makeup artist, Mary Phillips, shared images on Instagram showing off the makeup with the caption “Blue Valentine”. The images show Kendall with the perfect amount of matte blue eyeshadow and a bit of eyeliner on her lower lashes. To emphasise the look, Phillips opted for no eyeliner on top and a few swipes of mascara.


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Una publicación compartida por Mary Phillips (@maryphillips)

Now… Do you know what are the best beauty trends for this autumn?

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