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The haircuts that will be trending in autumn 2023

Now that you know the trends in haircuts that will be a hit this autumn 2023, don’t hesitate for that change of look that will motivate your new stage.

The haircuts that will be trending in autumn 2023

Before going to the salon, we like to prepare ourselves and take a look at the latest haircuts and, to do so, there’s nothing better than knowing them from the experts. Alberto Sanguino, head of the Llongueras firm, and Carlos Fernández, a specialist at Franck Provost, reveal which haircuts will be a hit this autumn.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to set goals and make changes, whether in our lifestyle or in our image. Often the two go hand in hand because a change of look is the best way to present the new you. That’s why we got in touch with the experts to find out which hairstyles are going to be the most popular. For Carlos Fernández it’s straight and square cuts at different heights: “The most powerful is the one that reaches chin length. It is one of the top trends of the season, regardless of whether you have straight or curly hair”.

Long layer

This is a long haircut but this season it will be worn with a side parting. The middle parting has been in fashion for a very long time, so we start with the novelty of wearing the parting more offset. Long hair will also be worn with a disconnection at the top, which is scaled in such a way that it has no relation to the part of the sideburn and the nape of the neck. The effect, in other words, is that of a double cut.


The shaggy cut will be one of the main trends of the season. It’s a very flattering layered cut that works with any length but, for this moment, Alberto Sanguino goes for “the midi in a very layered way with a much stronger and more radical result than we are used to. The length of the neck and sideburns should be at the same height”, says the expert. It’s a good alternative to change the look without risking too much.


We are already quite familiar with this cut as we have seen it on many celebrities and influencers lately. It’s a more daring cut that is still on trend but more grown out, organic and flowing. It will also be worn in its long version or long mullet. Franck Provost’s director tells us that “although it’s a style that has been on trend for months now, this time it allows you to wear the sideburns and the nape of the neck longer. The top part of the hair is more stepped up and flicked back, and the fringe is very short, like mid-length and irregular”.


It is a very rejuvenating and fresh short haircut, which makes it especially ideal for a post-summer makeover. Short hair is still on trend, but it’s now being worn with a more streamlined look to give it more movement and it’s no longer worn short on the sides, but with the hair a little longer.


The mixie also appears as a new trend. As its name suggests, it is a mix of the mullet and the pixie, two haircuts that have already dominated the hair trends of recent months and have now given rise to this new style that is worn, above all, on curvy hair.


Fringes, in all their versions, are also going to be the star of autumn. They can be kept super short, above the eyebrows, or, on the contrary, they can be very long and reach the chin or mouth. Also, this season, it is allowed to wear them wider than usual. One fringe that has gone viral is the French fringe, or curtain fringe, which is a long, straight fringe that reaches above the eyebrows and works great with hair down or up.

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