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The most dystopian images of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s new Vision Pro glasses have only been on sale for a few days and have already become a social phenomenon in the United States.

The most dystopian images of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s shops are once again seeing quilometric queues, but this time it’s not to buy its latest iPhone, but for the €3,200-plus Apple Vision Pro. This device with which Apple welcomes a new way of relating to technology has been dubbed a ‘space computer’. The glasses combine virtual reality and augmented reality, with the aim of integrating digital elements into the real physical objects and environments we see.

Apple is not inventing anything new, but it is trying to turn a niche product into a mass technological product that, for the moment, has become the obscure object of desire of all the geeks and technology lovers. But how many Vision Pro has Apple already sold? It is estimated that Apple may have already sold more than 200,000 units. What’s more, they have revolutionised social media in the United States, generating a unique and eye-catching phenomenon.

Why? Just take a look at our Instagram account. Users in different everyday situations, from walking down the street to travelling by underground or electric scooter, have been captured using these augmented reality glasses in the United States. These images stand out for their originality and diversity, reflecting comic and dystopian situations that seem to be taken from a future that is becoming less and less distant.

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