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These are the best artisan ice-cream parlours in Madrid

These artisan ice-cream parlours are the capital’s must-visit places to cool off this summer.

These are the best artisan ice-cream parlours in Madrid

According to Tapas Magazine, these artisan ice cream parlours are the must-visit places in the capital where you can cool off this summer.

The ice cream season is in full swing and all the specialised establishments, restaurants and street stalls are making our mouths water with their displays. If you still don’t know where to try the best interpretations of this glacial food, don’t worry, here are the top artisan ice cream parlours in the capital.


This ice cream parlour has more than 80 flavours of ice cream on its counter, including Nutella, Kinder, Donuts, Ferraro, Pistachio and fig kefir. Although the most representative of Mamá Elba is undoubtedly the one with the same name as the restaurant, made from rum, whisky and chocolate based on a sustainable and local philosophy.

In their extensive menu, they also offer a wide selection of organic, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free and maltitol-sweetened ice creams that represent inclusivity in the world of ice cream.

Where can you find them? In c/ Ruda, 15.


If we enter this small Italian ice cream parlour in the Lavapiés neighbourhood, we can find inside a kind of Eden of delicious ice creams created with local milk and fresh, organic fruit, respecting both animals and the environment.

In Sani Sapori they offer from the most traditional vanilla, chocolate or stracciatella ice creams, to the most unusual ones such as seaweed or vegetables, in order to satisfy all tastes and palates. Its ice-cream sorbets have just raised its identity within the artisan ice-cream industry.

Where can I find them? In C/ Lavapiés, 31.


Jordi Roca, moved by ‘sweet amusement’ for more than 15 years, represents innovation in the sector in this establishment with ‘rocking’ and surreal ice creams such as ‘Play-Doh’ or ‘Láctico’.

At Rocambolesc, the chef dilutes his sweet inner world based on irreverence, and the harmony of flavours and textures, as a narrative that he also transfers to other artisanal creations such as popsicles made from 3D moulds with shapes like Jordi’s own nose.

There, you can choose your favourite toppings and design your own ice cream, as well as being advised by his team of experts to achieve the perfect combination.

Where? San Miguel Market in C/ Plaza de San Miguel, 13.


La Dolce Fina’s ice creams have revolutionised the capital’s ice cream scene with their balanced fusion of natural ingredients and the Italian passion of two internationally awarded Argentinean masters, Pili and Juan Pablo.

Through that shared vision, they present ice creams made using the best local fruits and ingredients along with some products brought directly from the heart of Italy.

If you are a pistachio lover, you should know that they serve the best pistachio gelato in the world, which was even the winner of the ‘Coppa del Mondo de la Gelateria 2006’. However, they also serve other 100% handmade ice creams with flavours that vary depending on the season.

Where can you find them? Calle Villanueva, 31.


This emerging ice cream parlour, with its own bakery, which is striking for its interior design bathed in cobalt blue, like a kind of designer igloo, has only been open for two years and has already become one of the most outstanding in the capital.

Brando offers a wide range of infinite flavours, from classics such as pistachio or mango to Ferrero Rocher, lemon with basil or alfajor.

Where can you find them? Calle Hortaleza, 55.


From Amorino’s workshop blossom countless ice cream creations that were sprouted by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, in their first Parisian establishment in 2002. Since then, they have spread their establishments all over the world, spreading their influence and their sustainable concept based on organic ice creams and sorbets.

The ice cream parlour’s star product is, of course, its gelato, and among the most popular flavours are ‘Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar’, ‘Pistachio Mawardi’, as well as its famous ‘Inimitable’ chocolate hazelnut.

They also have vegan and gluten-free ice creams that are sculpted in the shape of flowers, sometimes with macarons filled with their ice cream to add the finishing touch to this creamy and refreshing experience.

Where can you find us? C/ Mayor, 40.


Mistura Ice Cream stands out for the quality of its ice cream although it also offers a wide variety of options such as speciality coffee, waffles, milkshakes, etc.. Mistura is an experience that stands out for its artisan products, personalisation, style and design in the premises and quality and care in the service.

Mistura’s ice creams are made one by one and from scratch, using traditional methods. They create the ice cream base with fresh milk, cream and sugars, then add the ingredients for each flavour and leave it to rest. The mixture is then churned at high speed and then cold, the mixture is whipped and turned into ice cream. In Mistura there are different vegan options.

Where can you find them? Calle Toledo, 71


Lolo Polos, which was born timidly two years ago in the Malasaña neighbourhood, has managed to make a name for itself with three locations in the capital thanks to its reinvention of the classic polo. Handmade with fresh fruit, the flavours change according to the season, but there is always something for everyone: avocado; mandarin, lemon and nutmeg; orange and blackberry…

But what’s so special about ‘lolos’ (not ‘polos’) that we’re so hooked on them? Very simple: they are handmade (they are made right there in the shop) with only natural ingredients, including fresh, seasonal fruit (between 70 and 80% of each lolly!). They have more than 250 recipes (and that’s all there is to it).

Where can you find them? Calle del Espíritu Santo, 16


Kalúa is one of the most special ice cream parlours in Madrid. Its flavours are faithful to the original taste of its ingredients, such as the Kinder Bueno ice cream, which tastes exactly like the cream inside the wafer. Kalúa was born in Argentina in 1982 and is now in Madrid to delight us. It’s not to be missed.

All their products are handmade and you can choose from almost 50 flavours. So you have the perfect excuse to try a different one every day.

Where to go? Calle de Fuencarral, 131


Founded in 1950, Los Alpes ice cream parlour is the oldest in Madrid. They have their “lifelong” establishment in the Chamberí neighbourhood and, in addition, another establishment in Torrelodones. Their secret is their artisan production with top quality raw materials and the fact that it is a workshop specialising in 100% artisan ice cream, whose recipe was inherited from the founder -of Italian origin-.

The ice cream, as well as the slushies and cakes, are made in a new workshop with the latest machinery adapted to the moment, committed to the environment. This shop has been passed down from generation to generation and maintains the essence that has captivated ice cream lovers so much. Today they have more than 40 flavours, all produced in their own workshop. Tiramisu, crème brûlée, Rocher bonbon, leche merengada… as well as sorbets, yoghurts and creams.

Where can you find them? Calle Arcipreste de Hita, 6

These are the most refreshing ice creams for the summer.

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